Terms of Engagement

We expect to provide for you:

  • Completed Due Diligence on all parties to the transaction before commencing work.
  • Attending to the details of your property (Sale; Purchase; Refinance) selected via your LegalPath quote.  We ask that you provide us with details of the property as soon as practically possible, including property address, legal description and a copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Once the property transaction is confirmed as unconditional, we will request you to sign a Client Authority and Instruction form and Tax Statement.  Please advise us of your IRD number (or for your Trust/Company if relevant) for land transfer purposes.

See Glossary to familiarise yourself with the process of E-Dealing and Tax Information.


The basis on which fees will be charged is outlined in your quote.  Once you accept a quote you will be asked to pay $255.00 + GST. The balance of your fee + GST will become due on Settlement and payable to Halliwells from your settlement fund.

A LegalPath quote is based on the information provided.  If there is additional work that exceeds the scope of that quote, we will discuss this with you and seek your authority prior to incurring additional costs. 

Please note that as soon as you engage Halliwells, costs are incurred.  Your initial deposit covers Halliwells time and involvement and third party costs incurred in the onboarding completing AML and initial stages of your transaction.


Responsibility for Services

Ken Horner will be the Solicitor with overall responsibility for the work on your transaction.  Halliwells will contact you directly after the AML/CFT obligations are met.

In addition to this information, we encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions which we are required to provide to all clients.

We appreciate that you have chosen Halliwells for this matter and are committed to ensuring your conveyancing needs are met.  We welcome any questions or feedback.

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