Our Service

LegalPath is a portal to Halliwells.  We are qualified and highly experienced lawyers and proud of the service we provide and the role we carry out in helping Kiwis move in, and out of homes all over the country each year.

'We've got this' - it doesn't matter whether you’re moving home, or just moving your mortgage from one lender to another (refinancing).  You can relax in the knowledge that our qualified legal staff will guide and support you through the legalities of what you are about to do.  We understand that once you’ve emotionally committed to buying a new home, chances are you don’t want to be overwhelmed in paperwork, you just want to move in, or out, or start the renovations. So leave it to our team, ‘we've got this’.

Halliwells legal team are experts in what we do. We are experienced and qualified in every aspect of conveyancing to ensure that your requirements are our focus. We are legally obligated to ensure your best interests are preserved and to advise of all areas that could negatively impact you.

We have created a system designed with you, the client, at the centre of the process. For you at least, our services are dead easy. You sign up, answer some questions, get a quote, accept that quote, upload a couple of documents and proof of who you are and we’ll take care of mostly everything else.

Through LegalPath, we provide you with access to expert legal services at a level we believe is the most cost-effective conveyancing service in New Zealand.  We hesitate to say we’re ‘cheap’, but if ‘cheap’ means you get access to the best service, and also the best deal, then, yes, we’re cheap!

Buying or selling, or refinancing can be an emotionally stressful time. We’ve been there, we know what it’s like, so rest assured we're on hand to guide you. 'We've got this'.

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