Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to pay the upfront payment if I don’t have a signed Agreement for Sale and Purchase yet?
A:  A deposit is required when accepting our quote and engaging our services.  We process transactions in chronological order, so the upfront payment secures your place in the queue.

Q:  Are disbursements included in this quote?
A:  Our quoting tool factors in disbursements.  The quote you accept is the cost of our services.

Q:  What happens if my Sale/Purchase Agreement does not proceed but we have already engaged your services?
A:  We understand that agreements do not always proceed.  We are here to help. As soon as you accept a LegalPath quote, costs are incurred.  Your deposit is non-refundable and an invoice will be issued to you at the time the Agreement ends. Should you wish to continue with our services, we will work with you to negotiate a new quote based on the new Agreement entered into.

Q:  What if I have made an error in my quote and already accepted it?
A:   Halliwells will check your quote based on the information provided against the work required. If we believe something in the quote has been missed or is incorrect, we will discuss this with you and seek your authorisation to amend your quote.

Q:  Who can I record as acting Solicitor on my Agreement for Sale and Purchase?
A:  We recommend you record “Halliwells” as acting Firm with the contact email.  Remember, we cannot commence work without an accepted quote, a deposit and without completion of CDD*. We process transactions in chronological order, so please remember to allow time for each stage of your transaction.

Q:  Can I have a quote over the phone?
A:  Our quoting tool is an online service.

Q:  Can I transfer my property to my trust or my company through LegalPath?
A:  Simply complete a Selling and Buying quote. You will also need to have an independent valuation completed for the property.

Q:  Do we need to come into your office to sign any forms?
A:  We like to keep it simple.  So long as you have access to a printer and scanner, most interaction is by email, skype or telephone.

Q:  I need an Agreement for Sale and Purchase drawn up ASAP can this be done?
A:  Yes. As long as you have completed your CDD* obligations to us, we can produce this within two working days.

Q:  I’m having trouble uploading my documents with my quote – can I send them another way?
A:  You can email your scanned documents to  Please clearly include your full name in the subject field.

Q:  Do you do work for people outside of your province?
A:  Yes. We assist people from near and far.  Our work is undertaken by email, skype and telephone.


* CDD:  Customer Due Diligence refers to AML/CFT