LegalPath has developed a system of conveyancing fees that, in our view at least, offer quite simply the best value in New Zealand.

On our homepage, you can build a quote for the services you require and we’ll provide you with a fixed, agreed price, job done. No extra add-ons later, no surprises, one fee, agreed at the outset, end of story.

To give you some background. The fees charged by most service providers are based on how long it takes to provide whatever service it may be. If you ask a builder to remodel your kitchen, but then ask him or her to re-do your bathroom too, they’re going to charge you more as the job will take longer. Similarly, our fee structure is based on what you tell us you need. As an example, if you ask LegalPath for a quote in circumstances where you don’t need a mortgage to buy a home and all you need is a title check, title transfer and a standard settlement, LegalPath would coordinate the provision of that service at the basic conveyancing rate of $495 + Gst, that’s it.

If a mortgage is required, legal staff need to liaise with your lender at various points during the conveyancing process and therefore the time spent on your transaction will increase. Equally, if you ask the team to review a LIM, or a builder’s report or if perhaps you required a guarantor, the time taken to complete your conveyance increases. Don’t worry though, as we’ve mentioned previously, your exact service requirements are ironed out right at the start and we will provide you with a quotation to include everything you need. Once you click ‘accept’, it’s one fixed fee, that’s it. You won’t be asked for another cent.

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